Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Greatest Form of Entertainment

Can you guess my greatest source of entertainment these days? It's junk food. Pathetic, I know. Junk food is the only reliable mood lifter that I have. I guess technically it's not entertainment, but what else do I have? I hate 99% of movies, TV, books, comics, etc. I can't even mindlessly zone out in front of the TV without frothing the second a commercial or a cliched sitcom device pops onto the screen. How can you people stand any of that shit?

Okay, so I hate the entertainment industry. I could have at least said that my 14-month-old daughter is my greatest source of entertainment, right? It is true that she gives me the greatest laughs, along with all that sappy stuff that comes with being a father . But that comes at the draining cost of raising a toddler. Junk food, on the other hand, is pure instant gratification -- no strings attached. Okay, fine, it costs money. And, yeah, it causes weight gain and harms your health in the long run. Geez, you just want me to admit that I hate everything, don't you? Fine! I HATE EVERYTHING! Shit!

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