Monday, May 4, 2009

Three Weirdos

Above is a workplace doodle, as inspired by irritating co-workers.


I'm currently contemplating the entertainment value of ridiculing some of my more blatant art blunders in the comics at irkworks. But have I really improved enough to be able to look down on past efforts? Oh well. We'll see.


If I suddenly developed a disease that wiped out my inhibitions, I would probably start going around wearing this shirt:

The guy in the picture is some old ballplayer named Bert Blyleven. I don't know anything about him, but with a shirt like that he's all right by me.


If you ever find your self in too good of a mood, go to Walgreens and get stuck in line behind an old lady who (wrongly) insists that a certain coupon or newspaper ad applies to whatever useless shit she's attempting to purchase and who then proceeds to pay by check or pennies or both. Come on, nation, it's time for the elderly-free checkout line.

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