Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Are the Marketing Geniuses Who Came Up With This One?

There are some home improvement stores in Wisconsin called HOBO, which stands for "Home Owners Bargain Outlet." Is the ironic juxtaposition of homelessness and home retail intentional? That's kind of rubbing it in the faces of the homeless, right? They're named after the one group of people who would not be their customers. HOBO also has a stupid slogan: "You never know what you'll find, but you'll always find it for less!"

Husband: Oh, look, honey. An EZ chair made out of chicken wire and human excrement!

Wife: Ew! I don't want that.

Husband: But it's only $2.00.

Wife: Sold!

Good going, HOBO. Maybe that's why you're not exactly making Home Depot sweat.


Chris Jones said...

haa haa! what a name for a store. that's hilarious

Crispy said...

Ain't it? I wonder if they'd have the nerve to throw out a bum if he strolled in. It would be like McDonald's throwing out Ronald McDonald.