Friday, June 26, 2009

Abandoned Comic: The Flash

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Oh, man. Welcome to the worst idea I've ever had. Here's a comic that was supposed to closely mimic Chris Ware's style, in both the art and the story. I'm pretty sure I wasn't quite done with the art in this image, but it doesn't matter. It's quite obvious it was shaping up to be total dog shit. Check out that window frame. No depth to it at all. Visually, nothing about this resembles Chris Ware's style in the least.

The story has nothing to do with the superhero, as the title might have you believe. Oh no, it's much more embarrassing than that, as you'll see. The story centers around this lonely, depressed woman. She takes her sweet-ass time staring out the window, waiting for something. Finally, she glances at her watch, sighs, and removes her robe. It's time. Stark naked, she walks towards the window and presses her body to the glass. A second later, a passenger train speeds past her window. In several (i.e. too many) panels, we see the passengers displaying a wide range of reactions to the sight of the naked woman. Laughter, disgust, horniness, etc. After the train passes, the woman leaves the window, puts her robe back on, sits on the couch, and takes a long drag off a cigarette. Her face: blank. See, her disrobing gives the story its title. It's implied that she flashes passing trains regularly. She's memorized the train schedules, in fact. It's not clear why she does it but you get the sense it's out of some sort of obligation.

Get this: I meant to make this comic without a trace of humor or irony. It was meant to be serious stuff. It was supposed to rock your ass with poignancy. Yeah.

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