Thursday, October 8, 2009

Getting Laid Off

I'll just repeat what I have up at

Hello, people. I just got word that I'll be getting laid off from my day job. The good news is that I'm guaranteed a job until June 2010. The bad news that I unsuccessfully tried to get a new job before the economic crisis, so it'll be infinitely harder to find one now.
While my brain is in a not-really-giving-a-crap-about-anything fog, I've decided to post two random images below that may or may not entertain you. Either way, I don't give a crap. Remember? My now-even-worse depression will either drive me into a comic-making frenzy, or it will turn off the creativity faucet altogether. Or whatever. Check back and see what happens.
In the meantime, if anyone knows of a software engineering position, I'm your man. Or if you feel like forking over a meager sum of kish-kash for a custom comic or illustration, again, I'm your man. Get in touch with me at irkworks (at)


PS If you're wondering what happened to that experimental comic that was in
progress, you can find it here. I'll get back to it
eventually. For now I'm too busy not giving a crap.


Chris Jones said...

Sorry to hear about your job. That sucks. I know you probably don't want to hear it, but sometimes things happen for a reason, and maybe this will inspire you to find something different that you enjoy more.

Crispy said...

True. I think I've finally accepted that idea. The real trick, though, is finding a job that is a) enjoyable, b) attainable, and c) financially prudent. Good thing I have a little time to try to make things work.