Friday, October 1, 2010

I GOT A JOB! Also: Hiatus?

From the home page of

"After four months of unemployment, I'll be starting a new job as a software engineer on Monday (October 4, 2010). It was a long ordeal to land this job, and in the process the company somehow managed to build up some oddly high expectations for me. To ensure I don't fuck up this golden opportunity in the midst of a shit economy, I am reserving my "free" time to work at getting ahead in the company. This probably means that UltraCrispy is going on hiatus. Maybe things will ease up after I have my three-month performance review. Or maybe the job won't be so tough. Hope to see you sooner than later."


illflux said...

Congrats, I'm happy for you! But sad for myself since there will be even fewer comics than usual :o(

Crispy said...

Thanks for the kind words. It's only been 4 days of work and already I'm going crazy from not being able to draw. I'll have to figure something out.