Thursday, December 16, 2010

Status Update and a Brainstorming Exercise

Hi, guys! Well, my new job is pretty shitty. I like to refer to it as "fecal-based employment." I have a couple comics in the works but I never get to finish them due to long hours at the office. The pic to the left is something I cut out of one of the works in progress.

One good thing about a shitty job is that it drives me to work on comics just to attain at least a tiny sense of fulfillment. Now if only I can just get rid of this overtime bullshit. I'll try to eek out a comic within a week. Otherwise, work might finally ease up in January and my comicking efforts shall bear fruit.

Until then, perhaps you'll enjoy a goofy brainstorming exercise that I'm embarrassed to admit kind of makes me laugh. You're better off not looking for a punchline or any discernible joke.

(Click to enlarge.)

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